General FAQ

What is Nemeos ?

Nemeos is a DeFi protocol allowing anyone to take a loan to buy a digital asset. Web2 equivalents would be banks or consumer finance experts (i.e. Cofidis or Klarna), but unlike these actors, our services are (i) made of web3 assets only and (ii) censorship-resistant and accessible to all.

Is Nemeos protocol safe ?

The first version of Nemeos protocol has been audited by Quantstamp. Additional audits will be carried out as the protocol becomes more and more used.

What are collections supported by Nemeos split payment solution?

For the beta version, only 3 NFT collections on Polygon are supported by Nemeos. More collections will be added soon.

How to add collections / projects ?

For now, Nemeos team decides which project or collection to add on the application. For each collection, a dedicated liquidity pool is deployed. Feel free to contact us if you want to list your project. As the protocol becomes more and more used and secured, everyone will be able to deploy a liquidity pool associated to any project.

Will there be a Nemeos token?

A token would create value for all Nemeos stakeholders, allowing notably to decentralize governance decisions to the community. But launching a token implies a lot of constraints and thus is not our priority, we focus on building and improving the protocol.

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