Buy a NFT Now, Pay Later

Our first product is a split payment solution for NFTs.

What is split payment?

Split payment is a financial arrangement that allows an individual to divide the total cost of a purchase into multiple smaller payments over time. Instead of paying the full price upfront, the cost is split into more manageable parts that are paid at regular intervals. This approach can make larger purchases more accessible by spreading the financial burden.

Why develop a split payment solution?

Developing a split payment solution addresses a major need in the market for enhanced purchase flexibility and improved shopping experience.

By providing consumers with the option to split the cost of significant purchases over time, BNPL programs have enhanced the customer experience by removing financial barriers and making high-ticket items more accessible. Shoppers can enjoy immediate gratification while spreading payments over a set period, often interest-free. This flexibility attracts consumers who prefer to manage their budgets and avoid credit card debt. between the reasons explaining the use of split payment, is cited (i) to access expensive assets and (ii) because it is convenient.

For merchants, split payments is a significant lever of adoption. Studies demonstrate that through BNPL, average order values by up to 20% and elevate conversion rates by up to 30%. Additionally, providing split payment options reduces cart abandonment by roughly 25%, as it lowers the immediate financial hurdle for consumers Approx. 1/3 of European buyers have already used a BNPL solution.

BNPL is a payment solution, but it's also a marketing tool. The aim for e-merchants is to address and convert customers they might not otherwise have converted.

In web2, split payments have downsides. One Achilles heel of BNPL solutions is acceptance rates. The higher the acceptance rates, the more shoppers will be able to buy, but the higher the risk is for the BNPL provider. Acceptance rates can be low, resulting in disappointment and loss of potential sales. Web2 BNPL accessibility thus depends on a risk scoring made by the BNPL provider, which is often seen as intrusive (screening of your bank account).

Our solution

Our decentralized BNPL solution provides an innovative payment solution for web3 assets, accessible to all, without having to score the user.

The functioning is the following, so far structured in 4 payments of 25% of the full price, each payment occurring every two weeks.

  • First, Nemeos protocol only finances the floor price of a collection. The delta between the floor price and the current price of an asset (defined as the rarity premium) is not taken into account in the actual version of the protocol. To see how is the floor price is estimated by Nemeos, check the dedicated section ;

  • At checkout, the user pays an upfront payment, equal to 25% of the floor price plus the rarity premium. The remaining amount is financed by Nemeos liquidity pool related to the collection, and the seller receives the total price directly. Once the upfront payment is done, the user receives a wrapped version of the NFT in his wallet. This mirror asset allows to delegate utilities if a partnership is established with the project issuing the collection ;

  • Every two weeks, the user has to make a payment of 25% of the price to finalize the payment. Before each payment, the user is notified by email ;

  • In case of default of payment, the wrapped NFT is burnt. The real NFT is liquidated on a dutch auction sale ;

  • In case of complete repayment, the owner gains full ownership of the NFT.

What are the benefits of Nemeos split payment solution ?

For web3 users

We allow users to acquire digital assets without needing to pay the full price immediately. This reduces the financial barrier, enabling more people to access NFTs, and contributes to web3 adoption. This increased accessibility also stimulates market growth and diversifies the pool of potential buyers.

By spreading payments over time, we also allow users to smooth NFT collecting and gradually constitute a diversified NFT portfolio. Users can seize market opportunities and access high-end NFTs without disrupting all their crypto portfolio or needing to relocate their locked DeFi positions.

For web3 projects

Integrating a split payment solution not only makes your assets more accessible, but also fosters a flexible and inclusive shopping environment. As a result, this will increase user adoption, but also have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty, driving sustainable boost on digital assets sales.

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