Why Nemeos?

We build an innovative DeFi protocol

At Nemeos, we want to contribute to the construction of DeFi and web3, developing innovative and scalable use cases . This approach can be summarized in three main differentiating items:

  1. User-oriented experience

    Our financing solution opens the door for individuals with limited funds to acquire valuable assets they otherwise couldn't afford. But instead of building a trading-oriented solution, requiring users to master many technical aspects, we provide an uncensored lending environment, emphasizing ease of use with a straightforward repayment plan and fixed fees, making the process accessible to all users.

  2. Decentralized

    At the heart of our protocol lies a commitment to user accessibility and inclusivity. Anyone can access our protocol without having to provide additional assets in collateral, thanks to our risk management approach: like in a mortgage, the loan is secured by the acquired asset itself. Utilizing this self-collateralization mecanism, borrowers secure loans with the assets they acquire, eliminating the need for additional collateral, which ensures a secure, equitable, and decentralized lending environment.

  3. Made for usage delegation

    The Nemeos protocol is engineered with the end-user's lifestyle in mind, mirroring real-life (IRL) loan functionalities where borrowers can immediately utilize their assets. Through collaborations with web3 projects, our users can enjoy and leverage their newly acquired assets from day one, all while adhering to the loan repayment schedule. This functionality not only enhances user experience but also fosters a deeper integration of digital assets into daily life.

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