Long term credit

Our protocol also allows to issue long term loans.

What is long term credit ?

Long-term credit empowers individuals to acquire high-value assets by distributing the cost over sevral months / years. This financing option serve a dual purpose:

  • It first facilitates the procurement of expensive assets such as real estate or high-end art collections. An example could be the purchase of high-end digital art works ;

  • Secondly, long-term credit is often used as a financial instrument to increase returns on investments. An example could be the investment of tokenized real estate assets through leverage.

Long-term credit is a cornerstone in the financial industry, enabling large-scale endeavors and investments that might otherwise be inaccessible. By integrating this possibility within our DeFi protocol, we expand the financial horizons for our users, allowing them to use one of the most powerful tool in the financial industry through an open-to-all and censorship-resistant solution.

What is Nemeos long-term credit offer?

There is no global offer, we can set up and deploy a pool to finance any operation / collection. Contact us to discuss your project.

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